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SBC - Welcome Page Redundancy State incomplete

05 Base Camper

SBC - Welcome Page Redundancy State incomplete

The redundancy state only shows for Acme Packets but not for Cisco.  From my understanding this is due to there not being an snmp option to get this state.  How is this data pulled in for the SBCs?  Looks like an extractor command using snmp but I can't identify the line in the Extractor config since the naming convention is obtuse.  Can you tell me how this data is pulled into the SBC records and if it is via Extractor identify for me the command being used?  Also, Max utilization for both Acme and Cisco is blank.  Is there a reason why like this is not available via snmp? 




Re: SBC - Welcome Page Redundancy State incomplete

Hello Matt,


Looking back through some other cases on this issue.  The limitatoin in the past was that many of the SBC fields do not contain a redundancy field.  As I last checked we only get that information on the Acme SBC's.


The SNMP MIB that I found for that record, "apSysRedundancy" OID, from which I found is part of the APSYSMGMT-MIB which is for Acme Packet SBC's.


Hope this helps.




05 Base Camper

Re: SBC - Welcome Page Redundancy State incomplete

Thanks for the reply Scot.  


So is this data gathered via Pace?  It doesn't appear to use extractor.  I have an extractor setup that gets the redundancy state for the CUBEs.  I was hoping I could pull this data togethere to have a complete display but there doesn't appear to be an easy way to do so.