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Avaya Aura Contact Center "Historical" Displays

05 Base Camper

Avaya Aura Contact Center "Historical" Displays

Hello All,

Wondering if it's possible, and not service impacting, to create a Prognosis Database to collect the following AACC Records (AvayaContactCenterApplicationData/Skillset/Agent/Script). We'd like the data to be collected, and compiled into 2-4 hour intervals that can then be referenced in Replay, and Report Displays. The intent would be to create visual/graphical representations of the data as opposed to having to manually create Excel Charts/Graphs each time from the raw data. Currently the RTD displays are great, but don't allow for much trend analysis over long periods of time. Below are the biggest concerns we have, and would appreciate a "sanity" check before moving forward. If anyone has done this exact thing, or something similar, we'd appreciate any insights. Thank you in advance.


- Does this have the potential to impact AACC services?

- Will the Prognosis Database accurately store/compile that data for the given interval; or will it still only show 15min polling interval data?



Saul Sosa


Community Manager

Re: Avaya Aura Contact Center "Historical" Displays

Hi There

Yes. Certainly the functionality is all there to make Prognosis do the work instead of doing it manually in excel.

Something similar to see here:


>- impact AACC services?

- Prognosis data collection from AACC - no change;

- database collection, summary - quite efficient on CPU and disk but depends on volume of data.

- report generation on request - can briefly spike CPU, memory, disk IO on the Prognosis server the first time a report is requested and on the network to the browser and if huge amounts of data over long time spans is involved. We recommend to monitor this each day as the database accumulates additional days of data.


>-accurately store/compile for given interval or only show 15min polling interval data?

Yes, it does reprocess the data for the interval set in the database / report and based on each field type being average, max, accumulate or replace.


Overall it is definitely worth while to try it out to get more value out of Prognosis.