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snmp walk v3

05 Base Camper

snmp walk v3

Can you please confirm what the syntax is for an snmp v 3 walk from the Prognosis\Server\Configuration directory


I've been using this syntax to great effect for V 2c

..\snmpwalk.exe -c <community string> -v 2c <ip address of the gateway>


whats the v 3 equivalent? thanks


Re: snmp walk v3

Hello Justin,


SNMPWALK Tool instructions:

  1. Access the Prognosis Monitoring Node and open a Command Line window.
  2. Navigate to the Prognosis\Server\Configuration directory and run the SNMPWALK utility using one of the examples below (SNMPv3 or SNMPv2)



  • MS Office products (including email) will sometimes replace “-“ with “–“ which will cause the command to fail. Retype the command if needed to avoid this issue.
  • Remember to include the "..\" at the beginning of the snmpwalk command as shown in the examples.
  • To save the SNMPWALK output results to a file add “ > FileName.txt” to the end of the command to write output to the file specified.
  • Run "..\snmpwalk" alone on the command line for a list of options (some are SNMPv3 only).
  • Optionally, the numberic OID can be added to the end of any of the examples to query a specific OID.


SNMPv2c Example:

..\snmpwalk -m ALL -v 2c -c COMMUNITYSTRING


SNMPv3 Examples:

Unauthenticated request (which still requires a user name):

..\snmpwalk -m ALL -v 3 -n "" -u USERNAME -l noAuthNoPriv


Authenticated request (choose MD5 or SHA [remove the unused type] for -a option):

..\snmpwalk -m ALL -v 3 -n "" -u USERNAME -a MD5 or SHA -A "AuthenticationPASSPHRASE" -l authNoPriv


Authenticated and encrypted request (choose MD5 or SHA [remove the unused type] for -a option & choose AES or DES [remove the unused type] for -x option):

..\snmpwalk -m ALL -v 3 -n "" -u USERNAME -a MD5 or SHA -A "AuthenticationPASSPHRASE" -x AES or DES -X "PrivacyPASSPHRASE" -l authPriv


Thank you,

Scott Baldwin