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mgmt server time on alerts

Tonia K
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mgmt server time on alerts

I was wondering if you could help me. Our mgmt. server is showing alerts with 5 hours difference than what the time is of the alert coming in. Is there some place where the time is set?

The mgmt. server has the right time. The client servers have the right time but the alerts are coming in 5 hours off. Any Ideas?

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Re: mgmt server time on alerts

Is it just the webUI or both WebUI and thick client?

If just the webui, do you have timezone set in web.config?

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Re: mgmt server time on alerts



I have the same question ,


We have multiple clients ( PST and EST time zones) connected to the management node (PST time zone) . We want all the time zone should show as PST in management node.


please assisst me how to change the time zone to PST . Below is web UI setting showing in one of my clinets?  if we made the changes to PST in managemet node wiill it convert the same and shows the pst in all the clients?


  <!-- Timezone settings
         Must follow the representation of timezone offset in ISO 8601 format e.g. "+11:00" -->
    <add key="DefaultTimezone" value="Z" />
    <!-- Media Analyzer Certificate Path-->
    <add key="MACertificatePath" value="" />
    <add key="EnableSSO" value="false" />





Re: mgmt server time on alerts



Normally, if the web server detects different timezones in the data, it will switch to the timezone listed in the web.config:

<add key="DefaultTimezone" value="Z" />


So, if you change this to the timezone that you want to see in the browser, it will convert the data into this timezone. But, beware that changing the web.config will restart the web server, so only do this when it is the proper time to do it.