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Wondering how to sell Active Testing?

05 Base Camper

Wondering how to sell Active Testing?

HeartBeat provides operational surveillance of production systems and generates alerts if something's amiss so Customers can "Go Home with Confidence!"  StressTest is event-driven, typically triggered by a new implementation or a tweak to an existing system so Customers can "Go Live with Confidence!". This brochure provides ideas for discovery, objection handling, and closing active testing services.


Re: Wondering how to sell Active Testing?

Having real-world examples of ways companies are currently using HeartBeat and StressTest is really helpful as well.  If there is a scenario where using automated calls from the outside in to gather data, including recordings, active testing is a fit.  We test conference bridges, voicemail systems, SIP upgrades/changes, contact center, self-service applications, reservations, etc.