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Windows OS version for Prognosis 11.8

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Windows OS version for Prognosis 11.8


We have documentation for hardware specification for Prognosis 11.8 on IR community but there is no clarity on Windows OS version support.

Can someone help me with the range of Windows OS supported for Prognosis 11.8 please.. ?




Shridhar Reddy


Re: Windows OS version for Prognosis 11.8

Hello Shridhar,


we have that covered in the opnline help for each version. for 11.8 here is the link to get you what you are looking for.



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Levon Lyons
Community Manager

Re: Windows OS version for Prognosis 11.8

Hi Shridhar,


Prognosis supports all current releases of Windows.


Prognosis "Windows Client Only" Installs are supported on both desktop and server grade Operating systems
(Compatibility mode is sometimes needed for this older GUI Interface but will work)


Any install that installs the main server component will need to be a server grade operating system:

I.e "Windows Server 2012 R2" - "Windows Server 2019".


While Prognosis may work on Server operating Systems that microsoft no does not support, we cannot recommend or fully support you on those as we rely on the vendor components being supported by their relative vendors.


My preference for support labs is offcourse Windows Server 2019.


Shridhar, I hope this helps answer your question about supported windows versions. If yes, please mark this reply as the solution