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What is Your Data Purge Strategy and Frequency?

Community Manager

What is Your Data Purge Strategy and Frequency?

Data is kept for a default period of 6 months. This duration is configurable when deploying with Setup.

Data is organised into files and filegroups within SQL Server, one file/filegroup per calendar month of data. Creation and destruction of these files and filegroups is managed by Insight according to the following rules

On initial deployment, 3 file groups will be created. One for the current month, one for the previous month, and one for the next month.
E.g. If deploying on 20th March 2016, the following files and filegroups will be created:

Refer to Image001.jpg (attached).

On the last day of every month, a new file/filegroup will be created for two months ahead. Following on from the previous example, on 31st March 2016, a filegroup for May will be created, and the result will be:

Refer to Image002.jpg (attached).

On the first day of the month, Insight will check the setting for the number of months of data to keep, and remove any files that are older than the setting allows. For example, consider the following database:

Refer to Image003.jpg (attached).

On 1st June 2016, if the number of months of data to keep is 3, the 201602 filegroup will be removed, as it is the fourth month of data.

Refer to Image004.jpg (attached).





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