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WebUI Login report

05 Base Camper

WebUI Login report

Is there a logfile that contains a list of all users that have logged into the WebUI?
Community Manager

Re: WebUI Login report

HI Warren,

Great to see you on the forum again.

To answer your question: Yes the audit logs in prognosis capture this:
The files below: C:\Prognosis\Server\Configuration\audit\

I.e. The entry looks like this:
"2017-06-22 12:20:57","\AA-2K8-AAONLY","PQL Server","PQL Login","Success","dvrlab\administrator","AA-2K8-AAONLY.DVRLAB.local","","PQL Login on \AA-2K8-AAONLY by user: "dvrlab\administrator""

There is also a custom extractor solution available to make this data more accessible from Prognosis records and displays:

The above is scheduled to be part of prognosis from 11.3 onward, but you can get a copy for earlier versions from that forum topic (Just reply to it asking for a copy).

Let me know if the above helps.