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Web Display shows no more data in mid of day

05 Base Camper

Web Display shows no more data in mid of day

Hi all

I have created a display to show me the number of calls of a Oracle SBC as a line chart per minute over the last 12h.

In the morning the display shows me the informations, but sometimes around mid of day the display shows no more new data. The old are shown and  moved in the timeline to left. On the next morning it workes again.

On the Windows client the data are shown the whole 12h.

Are there some limits in memory or in the Web Display to only show a limited number of datasets ?

I have the sam eproblem when I add this diplay as persistent.


Kind regards



Re: Web Display shows no more data in mid of day

Hi Steffen,


I'm not aware of any limitations in the WebUI that might prevent graphical data from being displayed. If the problem was being caused by too much data being requested by a database replay or report document, the problem would usually occur in the irdbase process that supplies this data and I would expect to see the same behaviour show up in the thick client as well as the WebUI.


I am aware there are properties you can configure in a replay or report document that govern the start/end time of the replay as well as the daily time window. This can be complicated if you have Prognosis managing and monitoring nodes that exist in different timezones as well and there can be some differences in how data is displayed in the thick client vs. the WebUI.


It might be best if you could submit a support case so we can take a closer look at the issue you're describing. If you can include a current irfax from all relevant Prognosis nodes (managing and monitoring) as well as a copy of your replay/report document, this will allow us to identify what could be contributing to the behaviour you're seeing.

If it can be zipped/compressed to a small enough size, a copy of the source database would also help us reproduce the problem quicker. It's not absolutely necessary but, it would help speed things up.



Scott Clement