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Video guide on how to make a simple database collection and report

Community Manager

Video guide on how to make a simple database collection and report

The following series of short videos explain how to setup a database collection, refine and validate data is being collected, with the end goal of creating a historical status report for Avaya IP Phones. 


In this video guide @GeraldC1 from the IR Support team will take you through the following:


  • Video 1: Create a database collection
  • Video 2: Refine and validate data is being collected
  • Video 3: Create a report from the database collection


Create a database collection

In this scenario I want to drill down into Avaya PBX to see the historical status of IP Phones from Avaya IP Phones from the last week.

Steps in video:

  1. Drill down into the kind of data required;
  2. Copy the view into a new display;
  3. Adjust the view settings if necessary to show the data required:
    - node - the Avaya PBX;
    - where clause ALL and then refine it if needed;
    - Limits to none (then refine it if needed)
    - Save
  4. Creat a database collection and adjust if necessary:
    - wrap - 7 days;
    - interval - longer to avoid using too much disk space;
    - Save and Start


Refine and validate data is being collected

After setting up the database collection the next step is to refine and validate the database collection is collecting data. 

Steps in video:

  1. Verify
    - it exists under Databases and is running;
    - growth rate and expected full is OK, or it needs a larger max size or a longer collection interval to use less disk space?


Create a report from the database collection

Now that we have drilled down and grabbed the data, refined the collection to collect 7 days of data, we can move onto creating a report from the database collection.

Steps in video:

  1. right-click Replay - Quick View the database;
    - Save and give the report a name
  2. In the Properties of the Saved report set:
    - Report type;
    - start 6 days ago;
    - interval 5 minutes (2016 intervals in 1 week)
    - tick the tick box in the Report tab
  3. Enable combine to get row counts (counts of phones) by status;
  4. Chart:
    - Visible is .CombineRowCount
    - 'Line' chart
    - Grid Lines: Value
    - Legend position at bottom;
    - Legend to show PBX name, status, count of phones
    - intervals to 2016 (for 1 week in 5 min intervals)
  5. Give it a title and Send to Web
  6. (for 1000s of intervals, increase timeout in web.config if necessary.)