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Unable to discover monitoring nodes on management node

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Unable to discover monitoring nodes on management node

Hello Team,


We have configured prognosis for four new clients , After sucessfull installation and onboarding UC devices and sucessful OpenVPN cofiguration , We are unable to see them on Management node. we have put the check mark for manangement node while installation the prognosis and configured management ip on "Network "configuration and Openvpn is also showing the status connection is sucessful. Not Knowing why the nodes are not displaying on management node.


Required your help to resolve this.Please let us know what is required more to display them on Management Node?

1.Do we need any additinal licences ?(We have configured 23 other clients on managemnet node)

2.Do we need to configure anything on management node?

3.Does anyconfiguratioin required on OPenVPN since it is in connected state.

4.What is maximum nodes supported to add on Managemnat Node?


Much Appriciate your reply.






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Re: Unable to discover monitoring nodes on management node


Hi, there isn't a lot of detail to be able to answer your specific questions as we cannot see your specific license nor your configuration. Connectivity to a remote node is configured in the NETWORK subsys through MANAGING-NODE & MANAGED-NODE statements which have a lot of potential conditions that can effect connectivity just within Prognosis independent of your network, Firewalls, and other applications like OpenVPN configuration.


An installed node does consume a license and your node count is in your license. 


I would start by doing the following:

1) Ensure you have port 1960 open between the servers on the network, in your VPN configuration, and any VIPs you have. 

2) Ensure the appropriate Managing / Managed Node statements are in place on one or both sides of the relationship.



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Christopher R Souser - Solution Architect – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.
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Re: Unable to discover monitoring nodes on management node

Hi Chris,


Thanks for your reply.

As you suggest we have verified the the port 1960 opened state between the servers on the network and also we have added the Management node IP address in the Monitoring node.


ports.PNGmanagement node.PNG


However, still the Monitoring node server is not displayed in management node.

Could you please let us know we have to do any additional configuration in management server also?

Please let us know if any chages required in monitoring node side as well as management side to intergrate the management server






Re: Unable to discover monitoring nodes on management node

Hello Phani,


I have seem some cases where it will help to put a "MANAGED-NODE" statement in the NETWORK configuration of the Managing server as wel as the MANAGING-NODE statement on the monitoring node NETWORK configuration helps to establish connections between the nodes.  Not sure if that is set up in your environment or not.

Devan Arumugam
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Re: Unable to discover monitoring nodes on management node

This step worked for us. Thanks.