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UC Reporter DB Surveillance - PBX Deletion Addon

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UC Reporter DB Surveillance - PBX Deletion Addon

Description: At the request of a large MSP client who has continual maintenance tasks of deleting and adding new clients I have created an addon for UC Reporter DB Surveillance. Because of certain requirements of this addon, I will not make add it to the main package by default. THis addon is only useful if you either have a current huge qty of deletions that need to be done, and/or have regular deletions that need to be done.

These deletions not only remove the cluster from UCRDBS, but also clear out the data from SQL so as to trim down the database.

Requirements: Prior to this addon, the UC Reporter DB SUrveillance (UCRDBS) could be installed anywhere (Even below the reporter layer). However, with the requirement to run a command from this display to the UC Reporter, this flexibilty is removed and a certain architecture is needed.
1. UC Reporter DB Surveillance needs to be installed on each UC Reporter
2. Only 1 UC Reporter per UCRDBS install with this addon
3. If you have multiple UC REporters and want a single view, A 2nd zip with a slightly amended display is needed for a managing node layer above the UC Reporter

Note: It's not as bad as the above indicates. All I am saying is that to add command support from UCRDBS to the UC Reporters, you have to have UCRDBS on each UC Reporter (Most people only have 1 UC Reporter anyway so I am just saying onbox now).

In the below screenshot the new functionality is clear:
1. You can delete old PBXs/Clusters with a single click now
- This can be done from a link beside an offline cluster, or from the User Commands menu
Note: It does prompt for confirmation after clicking (Just to avoid accidental clicks)
- The command itself will never allow you to run against an online cluster
2. There is a UCRDBS-Restart command in the User Commands menu too
- This is needed to refresh the list after deletion (I recommend an hour after if its a cluster that has a lot of data to delete)

Click the Delete From SQL link or the UCRDBS-DeletePBX link
Wait an hour.
Click the UCRDBS-Restart against the same server to refresh the device list (The way the UCRDBS collates data on this does require restarts of irRepSurv.exe to refresh. It always needed this even if you ran the delete command manually)

If you would like a copy of this addon, just reply to this post.
If you have questions about it, feel free to reply here too

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