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UC Cluster not replicating to Web GUI

Devan Arumugam
05 Base Camper

UC Cluster not replicating to Web GUI

I added an online cluster via the windows client tool. I see the data is populating related to the cluster in the tool.


However, when I log in to Web UI admin, I am not seeing this cluster showing under the monitoring node. Is there something that I should do to sync this up?


Please advise. I appreciate your help.



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Community Manager

Re: UC Cluster not replicating to Web GUI

Hello Devan Arumugam,


The Web UI sometimes has sync issues if the Windows Client is used for administration. The recommendation is to always use the Web UI if at all possible.


2 actions are now needed:


Action 1:

Sync the Web UI to the configuration data seen in the Windows Client of the Monitoring Node:

  1. RDP to the Managing Node.
  2. Use File Explorer to to navigate to the \Prognosis\WebUI\IIS\Administration\Config directory.
  3. Remame the ircfg-MonitoringNode.xml file to ircfg-MonitoringNode.xml.orig
  4. Open the Web UI and access the Admin page.
  5. Click the plus next to the Monitoring Node used in step 3.
    - This will cause the ircfg-MonitoringNode.xml file to be regenereated with the configuration data from the Monitoring Node.
  6. If the list of devices populate after several seconds, the Web UI sync is complete.
    - If an error is seen, revert to the original file from step 3, then log a support case for further assistance.


Action 2:

A Nodegroup Refresh on the Managing Node is needed to pull in the Nodegroup information from the Monitoring Node to the Managing Node Nodegroup:

  1. Use the Windows Client and connect to the Managing Node.
  2. In the Document Navigator (top left window) expand directories Knowledge -> IP Telephony Manager -> Cisco -> CCM -> Commands to show the Refresh Nodegroup Configuration on this Managing Node document.
    refresh node group.jpg
  3. Double click on the Refresh Nodegroup Configuration on this Managing Node document to open the Refresh wizard.
  4. Use option "-g".
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Click Yes, then click OK if shown.
  7. A Command Window will open. Wait for it to show << Command Completed >> (this can take several seconds), then close the window.
    - NOTE: closing the Command Window before << Command Completed >> is shown can cause corruption in the background files.
  8. The Nodegroup Refresh is now complete.


Thank you,

Scott Baldwin



Devan Arumugam
05 Base Camper

Re: UC Cluster not replicating to Web GUI

Thanks Scott,


I figured out to be a problem with the prognosis service getting corrupted very often in the management server. Event viewer was friendly to analyse that. 


I did complete reinstall of the software and i am all good now. 


Thanks for your help.