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Troubleshooting UC scenarios with Prognosis

Community Manager

Troubleshooting UC scenarios with Prognosis

Good day everyone. We often will receive inquiries into use of Prognosis to troubleshoot specific voice and related scenarios in the UC world. Although we have several documented examples for specific issues and platforms, we are always looking for feedback from the community to add to our knowledge base. Please post questions or scenarios you may have encountered here for discussion! If you have used Prognosis to resolve the issue, please post the details as well.

For example:
A Skype user has been complaining of being dropped from conference sessions regularly, making him look foolish to his peers. After much headache, the user was searched out in Prognosis (Using the Skype "conversations" search function). Review of each session revealed that this specific user was receiving "Expected Failure" messages which pointed us to a network issue (see attachment below). From Prognosis we were also able to see that the user call was coming in via an Edge server which confirmed the user to be "off network".
Using this information, along with the failure response code, narrowed the issue down to the user's network connection ( WiFi router). The router ended up having an outdated firmware version in place that was known to periodically drop connection. The user updated the firmware and has not experienced issues since.


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