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Threshold a combined value across multiple call clusters

09 Summiteer

Threshold a combined value across multiple call clusters

Is there way to build a threshold based on a combined value across multiple Cisco call clusters?  Here's the scenario... we have some device pools that might span phones on more than one cluster.  For example, device pool XYZ is configured on both cluster A and cluster B.  We want to threshold on a phone registration change of 10% or more on phones within device pool XYZ across all clusters.  So, if during a poll interval we see a device registration change of 6% on cluster A and 4% on cluster B for phones within device pool XYZ, Prognosis would detect this as a combined 10% change and trip the threshold.


I have been able to successfully configure a threshold based on % change by device pool using CallManagerAppliancePhoneDevicePoolSummary, but have been limited to thresholding on the value per individual cluster.  Didn't know if it was possible to accomplish based on a combined value over multiple clusters.



12 Sherpa

Re: Threshold a combined value across multiple call clusters

Hi @Timon_Dennis ,


currently its not possible to use 'Combine' feature in thresholds that is available in displays ONLY. Threshold would require summarized data available in a record.


Alternatively, you can write an 'Analyst' that does data manipulation and combines and can trigger an alert if conditions are met.

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