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Tenant Access for different customers

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Tenant Access for different customers

Hi all
we are a service provider and operate several SfB/Oracle SBC instances on premise and in our cloud.
We want to give our customers access to the Prognosis Webpage.
It must be 100% sure, that every customer can only see the data of it's own system. Is this possible ?
Is it also possible to store every monitored customers equipment in a separate own database per customer (name) ?

Many thanks
Community Manager

Re: Tenant Access for different customers

Hi Steffen,

Great to see you utilizing the forum for these types of questions.

We definitely have settings designed for MSP's and them giving customer's restricted access to their data only.

In Short:
1. You set a value in the prgnini file on the customer's monitoring node that definies Customer=
- You then restart that monitoring node for the change to take effect.
2. Then in the Web Administration section you create both a new role specifically for them and their users, and create a view for them.
- In this setup, you do select that value you defined in Step 1 (See below online help topic)

Key words to search for in online help for other topics are Role Based Security.

Please review these topics and the above advice and let me know if you have any further questions around this area.