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Support for SLRG Labels in Cisco Route List Display

05 Base Camper

Support for SLRG Labels in Cisco Route List Display

IR Team,

Currently we use Local Route Group Names within our CUCM Clusters, which don't show up at all within the Route List Display within the WebGUI of Prognosis. They currently show up as UKNOWN. I'm guessing this probably is due to the complexity of using labels versus Route List/Route Groups without having them assigned to a Device Pool.

See the attached photos of how it looks, and a mock up of how it would look.

Looking through the information that is available, I’m curious if we could actually populate the RL/SLRG with the actual trunk information and make it reflect the right status. Considering, when we click on the RL, it does know the associated SLRG. So it’s just a matter of querying all Device Pools, which we know them based on the Phone display page. And if we could actually pull the SLRG associations, we could populate the trunks that correspond to the RL that show unknown. I’m thinking it would look like this:

Thinking about it, maybe if at all possible we could:
1. Query device pools, then within the device pools, also pull the local route group settings which would show the labels, and their respective Route Group.
2. Query the trunks associated with the assigned route group from above, then join the trunk status from Prognosis to populate the Route list drill down for the SLRL/SLRG
3. Prognosis could then correlate, join the information together to create the attached image (mock-up).

Conditions would be the same as other Route Groups. If one truck goes down in a group, the RL/SLRG, should show degraded. And if both trunks are down, then status should be down for RL/SLRG. I wanted to send this as a per-cursor to our meeting today when you are available.





Re: Support for SLRG Labels in Cisco Route List Display

@Hugo_Chan this is an older post, do you know from the SF records if we have provided an answer to resolve? if so can you post the reply

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Thanks Todd De Rosa - IR Community Manager