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Set a Session Manager customer name (Prognosis 11.2)

05 Base Camper

Set a Session Manager customer name (Prognosis 11.2)


I need to set the customer name of several Session Managers.
To do this, I edit the AVAYA_PBX configuration and I manually add the "customer" parameter for each of the Session Manager entry and I start the configuration.
Sample configuration extract:
ADD SESSION_MANAGER(\MYSM, customer=CustomerA, site=There, ip=

For some reason, the customer field of the corresponding Session Manager nodes in the PrognosisNode record stays empty.

I tried restarting the collector and then Prognosis, it didn't help.

Being a service provider, we manage several customers and need all of the nodes to be identified with their customer name. Having an empty customer name will prevent our customer-dedicated teams to view these devices in the WebUI (we use ACL to only show the customers' nodes to the team responsible for it).

We also use a bunch of dynamic NodeGroups to manage things like custom databases source nodes. These NodeGroups heavily rely on the nodes' customer to be populated with the customers' nodes.

How can I make sure the customer field gets properly populated?

Community Manager

Re: Set a Session Manager customer name (Prognosis 11.2)

Hi Guillaume,
The customer name/field syntax looks correct so I'm not sure why this would not properly report. I would try removing the session managers completely from Prognosis, starting the configuration, and then bouncing Prognosis if possible. Once restarted, re-add the session managers with the customer details and validate they populate properly.

The syntax is:
ADD SESSION_MANAGER (, ip= , customer=, site=)

Give it a try and et me know the results.

Community Manager

Re: Set a Session Manager customer name (Prognosis 11.2)

Hi Guillaume,

Be sure you configure the same value against the system manager line as well. It is treated as a cluster so we would expect the Customer= to be the same on all SYstem / Session Manager nodes for that cluster. I think if you ensure you configure it the same for all lines, it should work.

Alternatively, you could configure it in the webui and it would do it on all lines automatically for you. Have a look at the following help topic for adding session manager using the web. Note how it has a customer field but its pre-populated. I think this supports the fact that they all need to be configured and they all need to be the same:

I hope this helps.