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Rules and Etiquette

Community Manager

Rules and Etiquette

Below are some basic guidelines that make the forum a better place for all of us

• Stick to the topic.
Please stay on the thread’s topic when replying to an existing thread. If you don’t see an open thread about something you’d like to discuss, please open a new thread.

• Keep it civil.
Debate and disagreements on points of substance are okay, but personal attacks, hate speech, petty bickering, trolling, and thread hijacking are not tolerated. By choosing to be civil, you make the discussion better for everyone involved.

• Be helpful and supportive.
We’re all here to learn, so please be constructive when providing feedback. Harassing, threatening, or intimidating other users is against the terms of use.

• Spread the word.
Encourage other Prognosis users seeking help to visit the Forum to find solutions to their problems or just to chat and network.

• The Forums are for discussion, not self-promotional link-posting.
We encourage you to avoid posting promotional or irrelevant links.

• No cross-posting.
Posting the same message to more than one Forum or thread is seen as spamming.

• Be honest about your identity.
We ask that you stick to a single persona in the Forums. The deceptive use of multiple accounts, especially in a single thread, is prohibited.

• Please use normal English.
DON’T USE ALL UPPERCASE FOR YOUR TITLES OR IN THE BODY OF YOUR POST. It comes across as shouting. Also avoid txt msg abbreviations.

• Avoid overly elaborate signatures.
Please do not use an overly elaborate signature - your name and company is fine - and do not include a link to another site.

• Only report posts you think break the forum rules.
Please do not report posts just because you do not like them. To report a post or user, please email

Community Manager

Re: Rules and Etiquette

Hi Natali,
where can I find the "report button" for posts breaking the rules?

Thanks Felix
Community Manager

Re: Rules and Etiquette

Hi Felix,

Looks like there is no report button. I've updated the post with how to report a post or user.