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Reporting on mutiple non consecutive extensions

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Reporting on mutiple non consecutive extensions

Morning Guys,


Is there an easier way to report on a bunch of extensions to add these into my own customer dashboard? I have tried using a mash up which is fine but there are a good few hundred extensions that I need to add. Unfortunately, the extensions are not in a consecutive range.


For future releases,as a suggestion, how feasible would it be to allow the end user to import a file(.csv) with a list of the required extensions that we want to monitor, rather than having to add them manually.




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Re: Reporting on mutiple non consecutive extensions


I agree something like this filter is higher LOE than it probably should be.. especially the import of a large number of values (you can use RegEx to help simplify it and probably the best option today).. and the conditionals / combines I believe have a limit of 99 conditionals if you want to make it a bit more dynamic but you can load them up with several large where clauses with RegExs. 


Some of our collectors have input files associated with them to do things like this but that is implemented at the collector level.. it would be relatively easy to do in PACE to output into a new record but that isn't ideal either.  I would think a simple Join query in a Reporting Advanced on an imported #TEMP table would be the easiest "Report".. a display though I agree should be easier to do something like this. 



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Christopher R Souser - Solution Architect – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.