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Reporting Issues with Upgarding Prognosis

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Reporting Issues with Upgarding Prognosis


As I understand it, Prognosis 11.0 is not compatible with IPTMR. We are currently on Prognosis 10.5 and we wish to be on the latest and greatest however, we rely on any and all reports. I submitted in another post for more information regarding UC Reporter and Advanced Reporting but I'm hoping someone might have any thoughts on our current setup and how we could potentially 1. move forward with upgrading without losing reports and/or 2. how can we maximize our reporter if we are unable to upgrade. Any ideas on this would be more than helpful. We even have some consulting hours to use but we would like some direction BEFORE we start diving in on those hours.
Community Manager

Re: Reporting Issues with Upgarding Prognosis

Hey Christopher,

IPTMR is also known as UC Reporter which is still compatible with v11. There should be no issue getting you guys upgraded!