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Repeat Header Rows on Each Page in Advanced Reporting

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Repeat Header Rows on Each Page in Advanced Reporting

In some tables in Prognosis Advanced Reporting, the column headers do not repeat after Page 1. To change this behavior, you must have "Report Builder" access within Microsoft SSRS.

1. Download the report that is to be changed (or run a "Save as" from within Report Builder) to make a backup copy.

2. Open Advanced Mode in the Groupings pane. (Click the tiny arrow to the far right of the "Column Groups" section and select Advanced Mode.)

3. In the Row Groups area (not Column Groups), click on a (Static) Row Group, which highlights the corresponding textbox in the tablix -- click through each (Static) Row Group until it highlights the leftmost column header. This is generally the first (Static) Row Group listed.

4. In the Properties window, set the RepeatOnNewPage property to "True". If you do not see the Properties window on the right, select "View" in the menu of Report Builder and click the checkbox for "Properties".

5. Make sure that the KeepWithGroup property is set to "After".

6. To test the report, you can select "Run" in the menu and provide values. Otherwise, you may choose to save the report changes and run from the normal interface.
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Christina Adams - US Solutions Consultant
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