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Renewing Prognosis Server certificates

05 Base Camper

Renewing Prognosis Server certificates

We need to renew the TLS/SSL certificates on our Prognosis nodes. Current certs expire in October.
Are there any dependancies within the application for this type of certificate we need to be aware of prior to renewing?
Thanks in advance


Re: Renewing Prognosis Server certificates

Hello @TrevorFagg,


Prognosis creates its own self signed certificates. These certificates are used by default.


Optionally, a Certificate Authority signed certificate can be attached to a few places in Prognosis:

  1. The Prognosis Web UI can be bound to the self signed or a CA signed certificate in IIS.
  2. The Prognosis Postgres can also use either type of certificate.


If more information specific to your environment is needed, opening a Support case will enable the Support team to isolate which certificates are used for the Web UI and Postgres.


Thank you,
Scott Baldwin