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Record not Licensed

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Record not Licensed

Hi all,

i've been test my display and the pop up message show



how did this occur ?



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Re: Record not Licensed

Hello @Masugi,


The "RECORD NOT LICENSED FOR THIS SYSTEM" error indicates the Display is trying to use a record not included with the Prognosis License.


Some troubleshooting tips:

  • Review the items provided by the Prognosis License:
    1. In the Web UI or Windows Client, open the Prognosis Status Display/Dashboard.
    -- If unsure how to open the "Prognosis Status" Display/Dashboard, use the Prognosis Platform Online Help Search function and search for: Prognosis Status
    2. In the Prognosis Status Display/Dashboard, drilldown on Licenses (top right) to open the Prognosis Licenses Display/Dashboard.
    3. Drilldown on the desired system under Node.
    4. The Prognosis License Information Display/Dashboard will open for the desired Node and show the Licensed Products allowed by the Prognosis License used in the target Node.
  • If multiple servers with Prognosis Platform are in use, verify if they are all using the same Prognosis License.
  • If only 1 server is running Prognosis Platform or all servers running Prognosis Platform are using the same Prognosis License, then the desired record will need to to be included in a new Prognosis License.
  • Use the following Online Help page's sublinks to see more about how the Prognosis License Codes relate to the Prognosis Records:

Please open a Support case if further investigation is needed.


Thank you,
Scott Baldwin