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Prognosis support for external FTP server

Makesh Natesan
05 Base Camper

Prognosis support for external FTP server


I would like to understand that does Prognosis 10.5 has the capability to support external FTP or https server where we can directly export reports from Prognosis WebUI to external FTP servers. So that user can download the report from FTP servers without login to Prognosis.

If yes, please share step by step configuration document.


Re: Prognosis support for external FTP server

The Prognosis Web UI Reports are only available in the Prognosis Web UI. Prognosis 10.5 and later can create Snapshots of Web UI pages for later viewing, but Snapshots still require the Prognosis Web UI engine to present the data.

There are possible 2 alternate options:
• Reporting Advanced
--- Reporting Advanced is an SQL based reporting solution.
--- Reporting Advanced requires purchase and installation to present SQL based reports.
• Dashboard Mailer
--- The Dashboard Mailer Solution can email screen captures and Excel exports of any Dashboard seen in Prognosis to email recipient(s).
--- The Dashboard Mailer Solution may require an upgrade to a Prognosis 11.x version.
--- Dashboard Mailer is an Extended Solution, and requires purchase and installation.

Thank you,
Scott Baldwin