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Prognosis Skype for Business Toubleshooting Guide


Prognosis Skype for Business Toubleshooting Guide

Errors will be displayed in the main window after "Apply Configuration" is pressed if something goes wrong. Most of the time, checking the configuration inputs and attempt to apply the configuration again would fix it. Other errors will require access the machine to fix the issue before attempting the configuration again. Below are the most common errors.

                Failed to stop service: irService.exe


Cannot stop relevant collectors when reconfiguring:

  • irmsmgs.exe
  • irsfbcsm.exe
  • irsfbcol.exe


If they cannot be stopped for whatever reason, try to stop them manually by setting them to N in the prognosis static conf (e.g.):


Attempt to rerun the configuration if manually setting them to N does not work

Screenshot:       image2018-5-22_15-3-30.png

                ENOENT: no such file or directory – rabbit_durable_exchange.DCD


Files in the RabbitMQ database are missing. When it complains that any file found in:

"<PROGNOSIS_HOME>\Server\Configuration\Messaging\RabbitMQ\db\<RABBIT_NODENAME>\blah..." is missing, Prognosis RabbitMQ Service will need to be reinstalled.


Please consult the following section of our troubleshooting guide:

Debugging RabbitMQ#Mismatcherlangcookies

Screenshot:       image2018-5-22_15-6-13.png

                Command failed – irsfbpostgres.exe


Postgres cannot be configured. This is usually because the Postgres service is not running.


Ensure that Prognosis Postgres service (using Windows Services) is running.

Screenshot:       image2018-5-22_15-9-21.png

                ENOENT: no such file or directory – ct_run.exe


Files in the RabbitMQ binaries are missing. This is usually due to an error that occurred in the installation of Prognosis.


RabbitMQ binaries will need to be re-added by

  • Delete the whole folder <Prognosis_Home>\RabbitMQ folder.
  • Copy the folder content from another Prognosis node.

Note: A RabbitMQ zip will be provided in the future.

Screenshot:       image2018-5-22_15-10-38.png

                ENOENT: no such file or directory –  .erlang.cookie


Complaint that file ".erlang.cookie" is missing.


RabbitMQ requires the presence of the erlang biscuit to start, as well as for any commands being run on it. In 11.5 with the upgraded version of Rabbit the default location will be:


If this file does not exist, create a plain text file named ".erlang.cookie". Restart RabbitMQ and it will load this file.

Screenshot:       image2018-5-22_15-13-44.png

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