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Prognosis Skype for Business Server Roles


Prognosis Skype for Business Server Roles

In a Prognosis Skype for Business (SfB) Monitoring deployment, nodes are assigned with one or more roles. Each role defines a node's functionality and capability in terms of: 

  • collecting data from MS Skype for Business deployment 
  • processing raw data 
  • flowing data between Prognosis nodes 
  • populating Prognosis SfB webpages 

Prognosis Skype for Business Roles

Global Role / Node 

  • Provide APIs that populate conversations data to Prognosis SfB webpages (e.g. Conversations, Session Details page, etc.). 
  • Request and aggregate conversations data from multiple Regional nodes. 

Regional Role / Node 

  • Manage call states by aggregating and processing data (e.g. SDN call events, SQL data, etc.) collected on Monitoring nodes. 
  • Store SfB Conversations data and index them for fast searching. 

Monitoring Role / Node 

  • Collect metrics such as server statistics (WMI), users (LDAP), SfB completed calls (SQL) and Windows Events. 
  • Act as the subsriber point to receive live Skype for Business SDN data and push to Regional node(s). 
  • House the Prognosis SfB site configuration (e.g. site - customer mapping, site - frontend mapping). 

Role Assignment 

One node can be assigned with one or more roles. When Prognosis SfB Monitoring solution is configured using Prognosis WebUI: 

  • The node to which Prognosis WebUI connects is always assigned with Global Role. 
  • Regional role can be assigned to nodes through the "Manage Prognosis Regions" page. 
  • Monitoring role is assigned to nodes when adding a new Skype for Business Central site to be monitored. 
  • One node cannot be assigned with Global and Monitoring role without being assigned with the Regional role. 

Role assignment can be flexible to support a variety of deployment requirements such as data sovereignty,organisational administration structure, service provider, hardware utilization. 

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