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Prognosis Reporting Training

Rishikul Saxena
05 Base Camper

Prognosis Reporting Training

Do you offer any training on Reporting Advanced?
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Community Manager

Re: Prognosis Reporting Training

Hi Rishikul,

Yes we do, what aspect of Reporting Advanced would you like to be trained on?

Is it using the SSRS tool? Using our templates? Using our tables and what tables to connect in order to create a report?
Community Manager

Re: Prognosis Reporting Training

Hi Rishikul,

Here is the current offering:

Participants should know the following prerequisites:

· Mid-level understanding of T-SQL
· Fundamental understanding of Microsoft Stored Procedures
· Fundamental understanding of the standard data warehouse star schema
· Fundamental understanding of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and Microsoft Report Builder
· Access to a lab environment running Prognosis Reporting

Customizing a Report

Monday – Overview

1. Introduction and Course Plan
2. Architecture and Data flow overview
3. Prognosis Data Model
4. Prognosis Date & Time Tables
5. Report Builder vs Data Tools Overview
6. Planning your report design

Tuesday - Fundamentals

1. Launching Report Builder
2. Getting familiar with the Report Builder interface
3. Understanding the Prognosis Reporting Template
4. Updating the embedded data source
5. Adding additional shared dataset
6. Updating the report title
7. Adding a data regions
8. Adding fields to a table
9. Adding a total
10. Grouping data
11. Inserting page breaks
12. Formatting a report
13. Previewing a report
14. Saving a report
15. Publishing a report
16. Adding a description
17. Reviewing processing options
18. Opening a report

Wednesday – Functions

1. Expanding on the Prognosis Report Template
2. Working with the tablix
3. Developing expressions
4. Using functions
5. Adding interactivity
6. Parameters
7. Page Layout

Thursday - Data Visualizations

1. Creating Charts
2. Working with the Chart elements
3. Comparing values to goals with gauges
4. Displaying performance with indicators
5. Testing
6. Deploying to the reporting server
7. Accessing reports online - Revisited
8. Summary
9. Planning and designing a report (Report Definition Document that Travis created some years back)


1. Planning and designing a report (participants will carry this out)
2. Working with Data model to identify the fields needed from which table
3. Creating SQL Scripts (embedded) if Stored Procedures are out of the questioned
4. Create 1 Reports with Report Design document