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Prognosis Reporting Advanced Architecture

Community Manager

Prognosis Reporting Advanced Architecture

There are 4 components to Prognosis Reporting Advanced Architecture:

1. Prognosis Management node
2. SQL DB Engine
3. SQL Server Integration Services Server
4. SQL Server Reporting Services Server

The last 3 components are available through the SQL Server Install.

Ideally the first scenario recommended is to put all for components in separate servers.

If this is not possible then then next recommended scenario is to have SQL DB Engine and SQL Server Integration Services on one server and then have Prognosis Management node on a separate server and SQL Server Reporting Services on a separate server.

If this is also an issue then group 2,3,4 together and keep 1 separate.

It is possible to combine all 4 components on one server but the caveat is that it requires are much more powerful server. Please contact your IR contact to go through a sizing exercise to see what is recommended for your particular environment.


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