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Path Insight (Wireless)

Diana Mendez
05 Base Camper

Path Insight (Wireless)

Can PI help me in Wireless environment? I want to try to see what information I can get from Skype users that uses Laptop and wireless.
Community Manager

Re: Path Insight (Wireless)

Hi Diane,

Prognosis can give you the information comming from the client device as well as underlying information about the network.

So without the Path Insight module you already have access to information like attendees, invite, connect and disconnect times, response codes, call quality, codecs and related to you question the connection type (Wired, Wireless) as well as the wireless signal strenght, client device used, IP, subnet and layer 3 path so you understand where the user is from a subnet perspective or if they are connecting from external internet or home.

With Path Insight included you can then monitor and troubleshoot on all network infrastructure that you have to find bottlenecks / missconfigurations in the network which affects UC. It is possible to integrate wireless access points but it will not have a lot of information about the wireless side of things but more about the interfaces on that box.

Last but not least if you want more information about the wireless site we can always extend Prognosis to include additional metrics.

Hope that helps