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PQL querry giving partial data

05 Base Camper

PQL querry giving partial data


I'm trying to automate some data extraction from Prognosis using the irpqlcli command line tool and I'm facing an issue with the extracted data.

From one of our Prognosis management server (it sees all the Prognosis servers we have in our infrastructure) I'm trying to extract the list of all the Thresholds we run on all our Prognosis servers.
This information is available in the PSTATUS record using the following Where Clause :

I built this display to visualize the data:


That display shows me 239 lines

When using the irpqlcli tool to extract the information, I run the following command line from the same Management server:
MYDRIVE:\Prognosis\Server\Configuration>..\irpqlcli "Select META.NODE, Customer() As Customer, ID from pstatus where type='thresh' node all ORDER BY Customer, META.NODE" -r

That command returns 105 lines, sometimes 138 lines, sometimes more and sometimes less.

How can I make sure the irpqlcli tool retrieves all the data before outputing the query result?

Re: PQL querry giving partial data

Hi Guillaume,

It's possible that it might be timing related. One suggestion may be to use the -o parameter (maybe set this to 2). Another thing you can try is using the wait parameter '-w 60' and see if the behaviour changes (and you receive reliable output on each execution). Please let us know if either of these options make any difference in the output you're getting.

05 Base Camper

Re: PQL querry giving partial data

Hi Scott,

Thank you for your help, -w and -l do help, I'll just have to include a bit of filtering in my code but that's no big deal.

Have a great one!
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Re: PQL querry giving partial data

Hi Guillaume,

you can also make a persistent view on pstatus over all nodes and that way you have data available immediately when you request it.

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05 Base Camper

Re: PQL querry giving partial data

Hi Shoaib,

Thanks for your suggestion, I should have thought of that! Smiley Happy