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No CDR anymore after Aura Session Manager upgrade

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IR Partner

No CDR anymore after Aura Session Manager upgrade



following an upgrade of Aura Session Manager from to no Session Manager CDR records are showing up in Prognosis anymore. All worked just fine before. Prognosis version is 11.0.0. Logging on the the SMs using WinSCP in sfTP mode using exactly the same credentials as been configured in Prognosis is off no problem at all and works like a charm. CDR files are produced on the SMs and they are accessible in the correct sFTP root directory on the SMs. The root directory is correctly configured in Prognosis as well (it was working before the upgrade and was not changed). The problem is for sure not on the SMs and not related to the actual username, credentials, or remote directory configuration. Since it appears that unfortunatly very littel to no debug info is written in whatever logs on Prognosis by irsftp.exe/the service, it's hard to track down the root cause any further. My best guess at this point is that while upgrading the Session Managers the SSH server key might have changed. Now, I wonder if there's a way to:
1.  enable/increase the debugging level of irsftp? If so, how?
2. somehow find out if irsftp is indeed using and storing a SSH server key for sFTP sesssions to SMs? And if so, how it can be potentially be triggerd to re-load a new one?

3. further track down the root cause on Prognosis by whatever means?


BTW, we have tried in Prognosis both setting the remote root directory to "/CDR_User/" and even to "/"  but it did not make a difference at all.

Thanks in advance!

Community Manager

Re: No CDR anymore after Aura Session Manager upgrade



Sorry to see the lengths you've gone trying to get that to work.

It turns out that Prognosis 11.0 does not support SM version 7.1. While Avaya Aura System Manager 7.0 support was introduced in Prognosis 10.5, Avaya Aura System Manager 7.1 support was introduced in Prognosis 11.4 including for pulling the CDRs.

Here's the latest on supported platforms.


Furthermore Prognosis 11.0 will become End-Of-Life in June. Please download this PDF article for EOL status: 


It might be time to upgrade Prognosis.