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Newbie.... Prognosis shows my AEP and my AES as down

05 Base Camper

Newbie.... Prognosis shows my AEP and my AES as down

I have stepped through the 10.1 manual/docs as well as found some docs on Avaya Dev Connect. But Prognosis still shows theses devices as down. I feel like something very basic is missing for the setup. I will add, this was all put into place before my arrival here, and has been like this until I started using it.

05 Base Camper

Re: Newbie.... Prognosis shows my AEP and my AES as down

Hello Ken,


There are many possible causes, but let's try the following (if you still have the issue).

Do you have more than 1 AEP and 1 AES server?  Have they always shown down, or were up but now reporting down?

If they've always shown down (even though you know they're up), it's likely 1 of 3 causes.

1.  They weren't properly added to Prognosis (i.e. bad or missing password, community string, etc.), so check that.

2. Prognosis can't reach the servers. 

    - possible FW / ACL block issue.

    - SNMP reachability issue.  From your PC, Do an SNMP WAlk to make sure the server is responding to SNMP walks.  If yes, try logging onto the Prognsis server via RDP, go to CMD, and go into the Prognosis / Server dir, then run an external SNMP walk as well.

3. Log into the AES / AEP Server.  Do you have the server allowing Prognosis monitor (or Any IP) server to interrogate as long as they present the correct community string?


If all above is yes, AND Prognosis used to display these servers, but recently started displaying down, the SNMP Master Agent (daemon) may be hosed up on the servers.  Log into you AES server, and restart the SNMP Master Agent.  If you don't know how to do this, it's simple.  Go to the SNMP Settings under utilities, where you ahve the SNMP agent data, and click "Update" (even though you've changed nothing).  It'll prompt you that it's going to restart the Master SNMP Agent.  Select yes..... Then check Prognosis like 30 seconds to 1 min later.


Hope the above helps.


Adam Geffner