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Network traffic estimated

05 Base Camper

Network traffic estimated

Hi all

what is the estimated network traffic between following systems for different number of users/calls:

Oracle SBC (SNMP and SFTP for CDR) --> Monitoring Node
SfB pool --> Monitoring Node

What is the recommended bandwith if the Monitoring node is not on premise at the customer site.

Many thanks

Community Manager

Re: Network traffic estimated

Hi Steffen,

thanks for you post, can't tell you if there are these benchmarks available but will ask some colleagues to take a look into this.
Community Manager

Re: Network traffic estimated

HI Steffen,

We have modules and products to help with that assessment:

UC Assesor
Path Insight
Network Manager module in Prognosis (Network Central display etc)
- This is an infrastructure type metric and will let you know what traffic is hitting the monitoring node NIC.

Every environment is different so it is hard to give 1 figure that would cover all environments. That's why we recommend these extra products. The first two will need extra licensing and you should discuss your exact need with your account manager first so he can recommend and sell you the appropriate licenses.

I believe most license do give access to Network Central in Prognosis, so maybe start with that one.