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Nemertes Research names IR a top value vendor


Nemertes Research names IR a top value vendor

A big thanks to all of our customers that participated in the annual Nemertes UCC Total Cost of Operations survey. IR was named a “Top Value Vendor” in the survey results, both in the Enterprise and Midmarket UCC Management Business Value Matrixes. IR Prognosis had the lowest annual operational cost of all the third-party tools in use. This, along with high ratings from our customers in six categories, placed IR in the Top Value Vendor quadrant. You can find out more here:

Nemertes will also shortly be publishing an "Issues Paper" on the importance of UCC Management. This connects the use of UCC Management back to significant cost savings and the success of digital transformation initiatives. We will publish a link back to the paper when it becomes available.

If anyone has any examples of how Prognosis has helped them gain efficiencies and improve user experience, I would love to hear about them.