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NICE Sentinel integration into Prognosis

05 Base Camper

NICE Sentinel integration into Prognosis

Is it possible to integrate NICE Sentinel MIBS into Prognosis and integrate NICE Sentinel alerts into Prognosis. Sentinel has a north bound alerts functionality whereby it can forward alerts to another IP address i.e. the IP address of the Prognosis server. Capture.JPG

Community Manager

Re: NICE Sentinel integration into Prognosis

Hi Justin,

It is possible to send SNMP trap data into Prognosis independently of the NICE monitoring. This requires an SNMP management license which you should be able to discuss with your account manager to get a copy of. Once in place, the MIB can be loaded into Prognosis and the Sentinel traps can be configured to send to Prognosis.
More details are available in our online help under the topic SNMP Traps in:

Hope this helps!