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Monitoring of session limits for SIP on CUBE

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Monitoring of session limits for SIP on CUBE

I'm looking for a way to monitor session limits on CUBE SIP trunks. I'd like to set a threshold to alert when call volume gets close to the subscribed session limit. I'd like to be able to report on that, too. It's important to know when we're getting close and need more sessions before calls start failing inbound and outbound.

Re: Monitoring of session limits for SIP on CUBE

Hi Nicole,


Although we do have some limited visibility into concurrnet sessions, there are no Prognosis records in place for session limits for CUBE.  We do not have visibility into the necessary fields to alert against these limits so this is something I believe we do not have available in product at the moment.  We may be able to create custom records in which to do this but it would require some scoping to determine the best method to collect this data. I woud recommend speaking with your account team to determine what would be necessary to make this happen.


I will continue to dig to see if there are any other solutions and will update this forum if I can locate another option.




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Randy Andrews
Senior Professional Services Consultant
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