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Monitoring Avaya HA AACC?

05 Base Camper

Monitoring Avaya HA AACC?

Does anyone have any experience how in Prognosis an HA system of the AACC (Avaya Aura Contact Center 7.x, formerly Nortel) with one virtual and 2 IP addresses assigned to the two servers of the HA cluster can be monitored as one system in Prognosis? When setting up the AACC server, only one IP address can be entered and in this case it is the virtual one assigned to the active one, but traps are only sent from the IP address of the server and not from the virtual one. The ACD also includes the AMS (Avaya Media Server) servers, which cannot be set up with a template in Prognosis for monitoring.
Has anyone possibly set up the AMS servers as an additional device via WebAdministration - Navigation - Advanced Navigation - Contact Centers - Instance of AvayaAACC? Are there any other ways to monitor the servers in Prognosis?


This includes also a HA cluster of the Multimedia Server (MMCC). These servers are not entered as items in Prognosis.
The monitoring should include not only the query per ping or process monitoring, but also SNMP queries and trap evaluation for the additional servers that are not included.
As a workaround for monitoring, we have created a display that determines which is the active and standby server based on availibility and active processes on the Windows server.



Community Manager

Re: Monitoring Avaya HA AACC?

Hi ,


Good questions,


Keep in mind the following with Prognosis HA. After switchover the new active Prognosis monitoring server will automatically:

1. connect to monitored UC appliances for some data collections, and, for others will

2. listen for incoming SNMP Traps in, CDRs, RTCP, SDN data collections.


For these 'listener collections' the monitored UC appliances will need to be manually reconfigured to send to the new active Prognosis monitoring server IP address.



05 Base Camper

Re: Monitoring Avaya HA AACC?

Hello Gerald,

there is a misunderstanding.

The question is not about an HA of the prognosis servers, but how the HA-ACD servers can be monitored in a single prognosis system.