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I see my LyncVQDB set to wrap at 0 hours. Not sure why it is set like this or if this database is still required. It does not exist under my Knowledge/IP Telephony Manager/Micorsoft/Lync/Databases directory. What is this DB for? Is it legacy? Also, what DBs should be running for SfB?

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Re: LyncVQDB

Hi Matthew


The databases are listed in Help here: Prognosis for Unified Communications > Skype for Business > Databases

Depending what version you have but it seems that LyncVQDB is not one of those out of box databases, but it may have a special purpose intended for it. If you can open a case to IR Support and include an irfax run with the "irfax -D" command we can help narrow down what it does so you can decide whether you need it or if you could delete it to get back some disk space.



Re: LyncVQDB

Hi Matthew, this appears to be something that may have been added as a custom database. When you do a replay of the data does it contain any data?

When the "wrap" setting is tick marked in the database configuration, it also allows the user to add additional values for the wrap preferences. this appears to be a situation in which they did not.

Another thing that leads me to believe this is custom is that our Lync/SFB databases all have a complete title rather than an abbreviation. i.e. Lync-CDR, Lync-VideoQuality, etc.



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