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Link between Path Insight and Prognosis

Diana Mendez
05 Base Camper

Link between Path Insight and Prognosis


I was trying to link between Path Insight and Prognosis, using the same procedures I have used before

Only changing these lines and restarting the computer, but is not working

Someone who can help me?

Re: Link between Path Insight and Prognosis

Hi There

In a recent version of Prognosis? I trust IR has set up Path Insight for you? The Network link is not appearing in the top band in Web UI (between Reports and Alerts links)? You're procedure, is it the same as in the Help documentation, or the Help procedure worth a try?
Here: Prognosis for Unified Communications > Skype for Business > Path Insight

After that you should only need to refresh the browser (such as F5 in Chrome), and log out and refresh the browser and login again for it to appear.

05 Base Camper

Re: Link between Path Insight and Prognosis

Hello Diane,

Integrating the PI into the web (Network link) is done by making modifications to the Web.Config file on the Prognosis managing node. The file in in the Prognosis\WebUI\IIS directory. Steps are below:

1. Edit the Web.config file (located in \WebUI\IIS directory) adding the following two lines to the section:
a. add key="EnablePathInsight" value="true" />
b. !<add key="PathInsightUrl" value="http://:" />
The post is not letting me display the HTTP value. It keeps truncating it. It should be ip address, colon, port. Also, there should be an < before each add key. and then to close it. Sorry if this is coming across confusing.... it's their post forum that's removing marks.
2. Restart the WebUI and the browser will validate the linkage

Let me know if that helps you out. If it was to confusing, let me know and I can try to send you my email seperately.


Community Manager

Re: Link between Path Insight and Prognosis

In newer versions of Prognosis, 11.x, Path Insight is available to be seen in the left hand navigation panel, so the Network link Adam is talking about is not required anymore. If you do not see it there at V11.x, you may need to modify your navigation view to check it as a visible item
Community Manager

Re: Link between Path Insight and Prognosis

I need to correct myself. There are 2 values that can be administered in the web.config file. They are independent and depending on how you would like to access Path Insight, it would be administered differently.

“ will enable the "Network" link in the top of Web UI screen Next to "Alerts" it is not required in newer versions of Prognosis as it is also accessible within the Prognosis navigation panel administration. Setting this value to "false" will disable the link

“<add key="PathInsightUrl" value="http://:" is absolutely need as it will tell the web client where to find the Path Insight server

I hope that clarifies things. My apologies!