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Information required on new feature "utilization by product" (Phone Model)

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Information required on new feature "utilization by product" (Phone Model)

Hello Team,


I have observed two new features were added in the Reports WebUI in the version 11.4 .


1.Utilization by product (phone model)

2.Detailed utilization by product (phone model)


I have found this features after upgradatioin 11.2 to 11. 4 version. When i run this reports i could not able to get old data like (This month and Last month data). I have upgraded the version in last week only. My Question is does this featurs will not retrive old data like last month and this month ,if this added recently ? and will this work only after the upgradation onwords?




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Re: Information required on new feature "utilization by product" (Phone Model)

Hey @PhanindraAtchi, I looked at what record is used by the 'Utilization by Product' report and found that it is using CallManagerApplianceDeviceUsage record. This is a newly introduced 11.4 record, so you won't have old data prior to upgrade (ie in 11.2) and hence it only starts collecting from upgrade onward. I'd assume same deal for other report.



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Re: Information required on new feature "utilization by product" (Phone Model)

Which database needs to be running in order to be collecting this data?  When I run the report I get "Prognosis database was not collecting data during this time period".  I've been running 11.4 for several months.  I tried to collect data for several different time ranges.  I cannot find what database nees to be collecting data in the installation guide, and nothing sticks out in the list of new databases to start.

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Re: Information required on new feature "utilization by product" (Phone Model)

Hello Nichole,

The CallManagerApplianceDeviceUsage (CMADEVUS) record required by the "Utilization by product (phone model)" report should be collected by the CUCM cluster Database Collection.


When a CUCM cluster is added to Prognosis, 2 Database Collections and 1 Database Summary should be generated. If the cluster is named CUCM, then the 2 Database Collections will be named 0001dCUCM and 0001dCUCM-Calls. The Database Summary will be named 0001dCUCM-Day. The number between the 0s and the "d" will increment with each new cluster added.


In the above example, the CallManagerApplianceDeviceUsage record collection should be part of the 0001dCUCM Database Collection.


Possible causes of error "Prognosis database was not collecting data during this time period":

  1. If the CUCM Database Collection isn't configured to gather the CallManagerApplianceDeviceUsage record, the error will be returned. This issue is likely in in the following 2 scenarios:
    1. The Managing Node is at Prognosis 11.4 or higher, but the Monitoring Node is running 11.3 or earlier.
      • Upgrading the Monitoring Node is the solution or part of the solution.
    2. The CUCM Database Collection was created before upgrading the Prognosis Monitoring Node to 11.4 and the Database Collection was never updated.
      • This should be corrected by either of the following:
        1. Adding the CallManagerApplianceDeviceUsage record to the CUCM Database Collection.
        2. Stopping the CUCM Database Collection and starting it again by: drilling down on the CUCM cluster, drilling down on Configuration (top right), then starting the "Cluster Database for CUCM-Name" Database Collection.
  2. The CUCM Database Collection was stopped during the report period.
  3. The CUCM Database Collection only retains 14 days of data, so the report will only be able to present data for the last 14 days. If a time period older than 14 days is requested (e.g. "Last Month" if past the 15th of the current month), then the error will be returned because the old data has been purged out of the Database Collection.


Thank you,

Scott Baldwin