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In depth troubleshooting with Prognosis Path Insight

Community Manager

In depth troubleshooting with Prognosis Path Insight

The assessments run by Prognosis UC Assessor create visibility into the heath of the network. However, when service levels are not being attained, you can troubleshoot in more depth with Prognosis Path Insight.


The assessment reports packet loss, but only Prognosis Path Insight can identify where and why packets are being lost. Is it because malformed packets are being received? Or is it because the physical device or connection is at capacity? Even before a single assessment is run, Prognosis Path Insight can tell which routers are causing problems and why, in a complete Network Heath Assessment Report.


The Network Heath Assessment Report documents all the monitored devices and interfaces, their utilization and errors, and recommends actions to rectify performance issues.


Once a healthy baseline is established, Prognosis UC Assessor can induce stress on the network. Not only running a UC assessment, but also injecting raw un-prioritized data to push physical capacity to the maximum and stress test QOS settings.



To configure Prognosis Path Insight integration you can configure the integration Prognosis Settings in the Administration area of Prognosis online.

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