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IRGUI: Add "Search" function in "Document Folders" panel

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IRGUI: Add "Search" function in "Document Folders" panel

In the big folder structure that is "Knowledge" in IRGUI, it is getting increasingly difficult to locate a display/threshold without being able to search for it by name. Please consider adding a "search" functionality maybe into the Right-click contextual menu.

Thank you.
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Re: IRGUI: Add "Search" function in "Document Folders" panel

Hi Ken,
I regularly hear feedback with the extent of displays under the specific product lines, common, and the infrastructure components that it definitely is difficult to sometimes find the screen you are looking to utilize. The centrals under each platform are a good starting point but still not always straight forward.

This is far from a perfect solution, but in the mean time this should at least help you find stuff from within the Prognosis IRGUI display.

For on a full installation of Prognosis:
Create a new command and call it "Knowledge Search"
Then on the command tab enter
Type: Shell on Server:
Command: dir /s ..\..\USERIN~1\KNOWLE~1\*"#DisplayName"*
Arguments: None

Caveat we found:
For on a client only installation of Prognosis it will run on the default node or the node you specify in the nodes to run on, so if that node doesn't have the IRGUI client installed you cannot find it.. as well if you display is only locally on your client it won't find it either.. so this is not a perfect work around but is better than nothing.

If my answer helped you today, please be sure to mark the resolved button to assist others.

Christopher R Souser - Solution Architect – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.
05 Base Camper

Re: IRGUI: Add "Search" function in "Document Folders" panel

I have often find the issue you state to be problematic. I would certainly advocate for the ability to search this from the thick client. That said my "workaround" is knowing that all of the displays are in windows file structure on the node where your UI is (for us our management node). So you can go into :\Prognosis\User Interface\Knowledge and do a windows search to find the actual drill down the display you are looking for is in.