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I receive a pop-up message "Duplicate symbolic process ID" when trying to start a database and it fails to start - in the Prognosis Client.


I receive a pop-up message "Duplicate symbolic process ID" when trying to start a database and it fails to start - in the Prognosis Client.

This message indicates that Prognosis thinks the database is currently running. Check the running databases first. If you are sure it is not running then read on.

We have seen situations where system low free memory caused process memory routine crashes, lengthy CPU spikes caused process connection timeout crashes, power outages and so on have caused Prognosis to fail to fully update its persistent files. After the system resource issue was resolved arttempting to restart the down database collection failed with "Duplicate symbolic process ID" error. It is likely that the persistence file "confdb" has incorrect status information about your database. The following steps have resolved this kind of issue:
1. Backup each and every running database, threshold and analyst in the Prognosis Client. (i.e. for each running database right-click, Properties, OK, File > Create Document > Database Collection, Save).
2. Run an "irfax -D" to get a text dump of all those running databases, thresholds, and analysts.
3. Stop Prognosis service; Try to give it plenty of time to stop. It may take a while, but better to let it stop cleanly.
Note that these wvlog.txt events may occur while the service is stopping which is another indication of persistent file corruption:
2018-02-08 04:15:02 F-02620026 dbmgrp 09879 IRNETRTR 11.1.0 005808 - Internal program error - Failed to open stream for DB collection detail update
2018-02-08 04:15:02 F-02620026 dbfsvcp 00444 IRNETRTR 11.1.0 005808 - Internal program error - Fail to open stream for DBFileSvc update
4. rename "confdb" file;
5. rename "confdb.dir" folder;
6. Start Prognosis service. It should create fresh new instances of the file and folder.
7. Manually restart the database collections from the document files saved in step 1.

The database collection that failed start attempt with "Duplicate symbolic process ID" error should now start OK.

If this fails & you end up with more problems with databases then stop Prognosis service and rename file and folder back (reverse steps 4 and 5) and request asisstance from IR Support and include the irfax you took at step 2 plus a new irfax of the current system. And if the database is small enough please zip this and include this with your ticket.