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How to exclude NICE Recording Call Legs from UC Reporter?

11 Leader

How to exclude NICE Recording Call Legs from UC Reporter?

Description: Nice recording does result in Cisco sending extra CDR's and this in turn multiplies the qty of calls recorded against an endpoint in UC Reporter (double/triple).

Solution: If you wish to exclude these from the reporter figures, you need to edit the collection database and exclude them.

1. On the monitoring nodes, Open the windows GUI and in the document navigator, navigate to Knowledge | IP Telephony Manager | Management Reporter | Databases and edit the IPT_Reports_Call_10second database document there.(Right click properties on it)

2. Click into the Configuration tab and doubleclick the dataview definition for "IpTelephonyReportingCall" and change its where clause to:


3. Save the changes and also make a copy of this into your My Displays & Configurations as future upgrades might result in you losing the change. AFter each upgrade check the running database and if needed restart it from the saved document.

Note: This is not going to be amended in the core product as some clients may want thsi figure showing.