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How to back up/migrate Prognosis Reporting Server

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How to back up/migrate Prognosis Reporting Server

The Prognosis server which is pushing data into SQL Server is defined as the Prognosis Reporting server not SSRS server. If a scenario presents itself where you would like to migrate/backup files from the Prognosis Reporting server, these are the steps that need to be taken.

Backing up files:

After Advanced Reporting is deployed, Prognosis Reporting Server does only two things that touch the SQL Server database:

1. Pushes data into BigDataInsightUCSource tables
2. Triggers the ETL

For point number 1:
• Prognosis stores the SQL Server credentials in the Password configuration file that points to a data source called BDIUC (found in Windows\SYSWow64\ODBCAD.exe so save out the password file.
• Save the database collection or *.dbc files are saved under Prognosis/server/configuration folder, they are called StartBigDataInsightUC_*.dbc and StopBigdataInsightUC_*.dbc files.
• Back up the Prognosis/Server/Configuration/IRDBASE.ini file.

For point number 2:
• Save out the UC data model folder found under Prognosis/Server/Configuration/BigDataInsight Directory
• Save out the SSIS folder if its inside the Prognosis directory.
• Save out rollupscheduletable.txt found under Prognosis/Server/Configuration directory.

How to add/migrating the Prognosis Reporting server:

Restoring the above files on the upgraded version of Prognosis:

1. Copy out the password credentials, you probably do not need to create the BDIUC datasource because its outside of Prognosis
2. Overwrite the irdbase.ini file with the one you saved out from previous installation
3. Overwrite the rollupscheduletable.txt
4. Copy the UC folder to the Prognosis Prognosis/Server/Configuration/BigDataInsight Directory
5. Make sure the SSIS folder is still present (though external to Prognosis) if it is there no need to overwrite.
6. Copy the *.dbc files into Prognosis/server/configuration folder and start the dbc files through the command prompt:

E:\Prognosis\Server\Configuration> ..\ircmd Start BigDataInsightUC_10sec.dbc

7. Ensure the database collection do start as these feed data into SQL Server BigDataInsightUCSource database. If not, double check Password credentials and make sure datasource BDIUC is present.

You may choose to uninstall Prognosis or remove the files that are backed up after the migration is complete and the new Prognosis Reporting Server is fully functional.
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