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How to add Cisco SRST instances

05 Base Camper

How to add Cisco SRST instances

I see the attached in the page tree, but cant see where in the prognosis client to add the SRST instances. Do we have to have licenses for express for prognosis? we have multiple SRST sites and we do not use CUCM express, just SRST.. cisco-srst.png


Re: How to add Cisco SRST instances

Hi Michael,

Monitoring SRST devices via the link you've indicated does require the devices to be configured under the CISCOEXPRESS configuration. You would need to configure these via the Windows Client or GUI. You would also need to ensure you have the IMX/IUX products licensed in order to run the related collector - irCXCOL.exe.

I don't believe there is any cost associated with those products, and you can open a support case to request these be added in if they have not been included in your current license.

For more information on how to configure these devices, please refer to the online help under:
Home>Prognosis for Unified Communications>Cisco Express Suite

You can also monitor any Cisco IOS router using the CISCODEV collector. This option provides status and basic device information (CPU, memory for example). Again, this would need to be configured via the GUI.
For more detail on this option, refer to the following in the online help:
Home>Prognosis for Unified Communications>Standalone Gateways and Routers

Please let me know if the information above answers your question!

05 Base Camper

Re: How to add Cisco SRST instances

thank you , yes that answers the question. we already monitor the routers, just want to see what the SRST piece looks like. I'll request the proper licenses.