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How to Create an Assessment in Prognosis UC Assessor

Community Manager

How to Create an Assessment in Prognosis UC Assessor

From the Project page, click on the Create Assessment button. This will open the following page:


The next step is to click the Create and manage agents button which brings up the Manage agents modal. This can be used to create and manage Prognosis agents, which is a lightweight agent that runs on a Windows PC. You can review the agent installation requirements

You need to perform the following steps to install a Prognosis agent:

  • Create a new agent name a press the Create agent button


  • Click the Copy to clipboard link to copy the agent install key to the clipboard:


  • Click Download agent installer button to download the Prognosis agent installer.


  • Run the install and copy the install key when prompted.

After following these steps you should see the agent show within a couple of minutes with a status of Connected in the Manage agents list. If you are having trouble getting the agent connected review the steps outlined in Connecting an agent.

The screenshot below shows three agents that have successfully been installed and connected:


You can also use the Share button to send an e-mail with a download link and install key available for other users who will be installing the Prognosis agent on your behalf.

Once you have successfully created the agent, you can click Create assessment and continue button after choosing your assessment settings:


Once you have successfully completed these steps you can Run an assessment.


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