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How can I backup Prognosis prior to a server rebuild?

08 Mountaineer

How can I backup Prognosis prior to a server rebuild?

I am planning on rebuilding some servers (Fresh install of Windows 2012 R2) and would like advice on how to best bring over the existing Prognosis settings to the newly rebuilt servers. Can you advise the steps to do this please?
Community Manager

Re: How can I backup Prognosis prior to a server rebuild?

Hi Cedric,

Thank you for your post on the forum. It is great to see you on here.

As of Prognosis 10.x, Prognosis has a backup and restore mechanism built in. This is mainly utilized during upgrades but can be manually initiated as well and will suit the purpose you outlined above.

Scenario 1 - Reinstall will be exactly the same prognosis version
Backup / Restore Procedure:
1. On the source node stop the prognosis service
2. Open an Administrator enabled command prompt on the c:\Prognosis\Backup_restore” location and run the command:
- Let it complete and it should output the folder to “C:\PrognosisBackup”
- Folder name will be something like “Backup-AAVM-W12-PROG10-2014-12-22T11.46.41” (Backup-T)
3. Copy the resulting folder off the server to a safe location prior to the windows upgrade and then after the upgrade move it back across to a location like “C:\Temp”. Then shorten the folder name from “Backup-AAVM-W12-PROG10-2014-12-22T11.46.41” to just “Backup”
4. Install the correct version of prognosis (The same version you did the backup as and ensure you patch it too)
5. Open an administrator enabled command prompt on the “C:\Prognosis\Backup_restore” folder on the new server and run the following command to restore the backup:
PrognosisRestore.bat “C:\Temp\Backup”
- Note: The restore process will delete the backup Folder specified but you should still have a copy that you stored offline.
Let it complete and you should have a successful move of your server.

Scenario 2 - You will be installing a newer version like 11.1 after the reinstall
In this scenario, you need to do 1 extra step to the above sequence
1b. Get a copy of the 'backup_restore' folder from the version you are going to restore to.
I.e. From 11.1 and rename your existing C:\Prognosis\backup_restore to backup_restoreold and then put the newer one in it's place

The reason for this is that during an upgrade, this is exactly what our installer does. It does the backup from a backup_restore from the version it is upgrading to. By copying it in place for this manual process, you are adhering to the process.

Note: THis will not work with 10.x to 11.x. It needs to be to and from the same major version.
-- If you do need to do this from 10.x to 11.x, then afterwards, retype every single PASSWORD Configuration entry --

Cedric. I am sure you will have extra questions on this. Please feel free to reply to this post.
08 Mountaineer

Re: How can I backup Prognosis prior to a server rebuild?

Thank you for the detailed instructions, I have successfully completed the steps and have upgraded to the new version