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Feature Overview of Prognosis for UC Cloud

Community Manager

Feature Overview of Prognosis for UC Cloud

At a glance

IR Prognosis for UC Cloud lets you easily locate Skype for Business Online sessions for a user by SIP URI, name, or PSTN extension, then drill-down to a specific call to get quick insights into potential issues as well as quality and diagnostic metrics.



Call Details: Troubleshooting a call

After searching for a user's conversations, you can view a list of their conversations then click on a relevant conversation for more details. The main call features shown in Call Details is

  • Conversation Insights helps you to quickly identify the most likely reasons for a problematic call
  • Get detailed quality information about the call, including:
    • Network MOS
    • Jitter
    • Latency
    • Packet Loss
    • Skype for Business client Version
    • Headset identification


  • Diagnostic information with reason and descriptions



Conversation Search: Finding the Skype conversation to troubleshoot

The primary screen helps you get started by locating a user and their conversation from a specified time range.

  • Restrict your search by user and time ranges
  • Select a custom time range specifying the time and date of the start and end range
    image (1).pngfeature-overview7.png
  • Filter by conversation modality (Audio, IM, AppSharing and Other)
  • Fast type-ahead search to quickly locate users homed on your Skype for Business Online account
  • Identify problematic calls at a glance with call outs on degraded call metrics and error responses

IR Prognosis Path Insight integration

Integrate easily with your IR Prognosis on-premises solution to quickly link through from the network nodes on a call to Path Insight for further troubleshooting and analysis at the network level.

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